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Below you will find some FAQ (frequently asked questions) and general help for using Barrier Free Home Classifieds.

If you cannot find an answer to your question, please contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are your rates for classified ads?
You can find more information on our pricing/rates page.
How many images can I upload for my classified ad?
Each ad listing comes with 20 free images.
How do I place an ad?
To place an ad on Barrier Free Home you must be a registered user. To register, click on Place Ad on the top menu bar. You need to complete this form to become a registered user. Once you are a registered user, you can login using the username and password you created while registering. After you have logged in, click on Place Ad on the top or bottom menu bar, and then proceed to fill out the ad form. NOTE: Our system is automatic. Placing an ad is fast and easy: just complete the forms.
My photos won't load. How do I resize them?
Many photos acquired using a digital camera or a scanner may be too large for use at Barrier Free Home. They must be resized first. You can go to http://www.resize2mail.com to resize your photos online (select the 600 x 450 or 450 x 600 option).
I forgot to add my photos when I placed my ad. Can I add them now?
Yes. Just log-in to your account and click "My Active Ads". Then click on the icon in the column marked "Edit".
Do I have to fill out forms online?
No. We can take your information and place your ad for you at an additional cost of only $10.
How long will it take for my Barrier Free Home listing to appear live?
Barrier Free Home creates your ad instantly. Once your PayPal payment has been received, your listing will be active (usually within a few minutes). If you send us a check or money order your listing will be approved and added to our database upon receipt of payment. You will receive an e-mail when your listing is active. The information for your ad will be held for 30 days; if no payment is received within 24 hours we will invoice you.
Can I change the way my ad displays information?
How can I improve the ad's information?
Make sure to add a short, descriptive caption for each photo. Photos for your property will display in a slideshow format and any captions you assign will display with each image.
Also, don't copy and paste from a Word document. This will add invisible formatting characters. Your ad listing may appear normal to you, but on other computers your listing will have bizarre characters. It's best to cut your text from Word, paste it into Notepad and then copy it again. You want to paste text only, not a Word doc!
What copy style should I use?
Avoid all CAPITAL letters in the title. Too many capital letters comes across like shouting; ads with all capital letters will be modified. Titles are also used in part of the subject line of all e-mail sent to the owner. If you don't like the way your listing reads, you can always change it.
What type of images should I use?
Acceptable formats include GIF, JPG, or PNG. You can have up to 15 images and with total size limit of 60,000 bytes or approximately 60KB. Photos are best provided at 72 dpi, and sized no larger than 5x5 inches. You can use Windows Explorer in the Detail view to see the size of your image. Most computers come with a basic graphics program which will easily allow you to size your images. You can reduce that size of your images for free at http://www.resize2mail.com.
How much does an ad cost?
See our ad pricing page for details.
What forms of payment are accepted?
We accept Mastercard, Visa, checks and money orders—all through PayPal.
How do I make changes to my ad?
To make changes to your ad, login and click "My Account" in the menu. Click "My Active Ads" then your ad listings will appear. Click on the icon in the column marked "Edit". Please note to edit images you may have to delete one first before entering a new one. Once you have completed editing your ad click on the link "My Active Ads".
How will visitors contact me?
Visitors will be able to contact you through the "Send a Message to Seller" link on your listing.
What should I write to better advertise my property? Any advice?
For property listings, be sure to give the city, state, price, and general characteristics of the home. The more key information you provide in the body of your listing, the better your classified will show up in the searches. Remember, though, the whole purpose of an ad is to provide just enough information to interest someone enough so that they will contact you to learn more.